Mince Meat in the grind
  This site is ground up by Mincemeat
Ego and posterity I desire not
But 100mb of webspace is kinda neat
To put all those photos and stuff that I've got
  People like convenience.
Even if it leads to a lie.
Smooth words go down easy.
One easily forgets it may be poison.
Before it's too late.

Am I just another animal?
Or am I special?
Do I just do what my hormones want?
Or can I say no?
I sure hope so.
I do think so.
I'm special. Somebody loves me.
Just so.
  So long, farewell, this is all they know what to say.
Sounds of music goes in one ear and out the other.
Making parodies in my heart.
Rubbing popular culture the wrong way.
For the sake of sticking up for somebody.
They nailed that somebody up a tree.
They killed him.
For being right.
For being who he say he is.
But they could never guess.
The third day.
The promises fulfilled.
Promises for now and forever.
Maybe one day they will see they don't have to follow the crowd.
Maybe one day they will wake up before somebody comes back.
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